2015 Darrian T90 GTR drawing
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The 2015 Darrian T90 GTR+
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The images above show one of the latest Darrian T90 GTR+ models.  This is the result of a lot of work to update, improve and evolve the GTR to keep ahead of the competition.

The first thing that is noticeably different is the front end styling with the new headlights giving the car a more modern and agressive look.  The back end has also changed with a new fast back design flowing from the roofline.  Working with the University of Wales Trinity St David CFD software was used to optimise the position and performance of the rear aerofoil with the overall result being less drag and more downforce.

Darrian T90 GTR rear wing aero study
Darrian T90 GTR suspension uprights
The updates aren't just limited to style and aerodynamics,  new front suspension uprights (Pictured left) have been designed.  The new uprights are 25% lighter than the old ones and are now easier to fit and replace quickly.
Also front and rear suspension now allows greater wheel travel giving greater performance on rough, bumpy roads and over jumps with more scope for varying setups for gravel or tarmac applications.

The 2015 T90 GTR+ also has external fuel filler caps which means it is no longer necessary to open the back end, exposing the engine and exhaust, while refueling.

There are also sill stand points as standard on all new Darrian chassis making servicing underneath the car safe and easy.
The new T90 GTRs also have a lot more room inside the car than the older model Darrians.  There is now 3 inches extra headroom above the seats which is very useful now that HANS devices are becoming mandatory next year on all MSA stage events.

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