For services to motorsport  29-7-13
Honorary Fellow of the University of Wales: Trinity St. David

Tim Duffee has recently received an honorary fellowship from the University of Wales: Trinity St. David, recognising his contribution over the years to the University and the motorsport industry.

Tim has supported Swansea Institute and Swansea Metropolitan University since 1993 when he first took an HND Automotive Engineering student on industrial placement. Swansea Institute purchased a Darrian in 1994 which formed the basis of numerous student projects including the car racing in the 1995 Welsh Racing Drivers Championship. In 1996 Tim worked closely with the Institute to run two cars in the National GT Championship of the time. The team was sponsored by the WDA and run by the students on the HND Automotive Engineering programme. The team won the championship, in their first year, against far more highly funded cars and professional teams. It then went on to race for a further three years with WDA support.

The excellent publicity and reputation the Institute achieved dramatically improved recruitment and then enabled us to get the support of the motorsport industry to start the first motorsport engineering degree programme in the UK. The degree programme led to the introduction of HND, BSc and BEng programmes within the School of Automotive Engineering as well as BSc Motorsport Management in the School of Manufacturing and Logistics. Now the University attracts over 150 students each year from all over the world.

The contribution Tim has made to Swansea Metropolitan University’s engineering portfolio and current status in motorsport related education cannot be overestimated. He continues to support the university with project collaboration, student placements and technical support. Students who have spent time at Darrian cars can now be found throughout the Motorsport Industry including F1, World Rally, GT and Moto GP!

Darrian with Household Cavalry
Darrian and Clarkson
Darrian joins other British Marques in Top Gear shoot  5-8-13
Unless you have a very large hi definition TV you may have missed the familiar red, white and green of John Daltons Darrian T90 GTR on the latest episode of Top Gear.  Well, we were there as one of the British Manufacturers in the automotive and motorsport industry.  The idea of the filming, which took place in the Mall near the gates to Buckingham Palace, was to showcase that Britain is still great when it comes to the automotive industry and motorsport and that we are world leaders in the industry.  There certainly were some stunning (and strange) vehicles in the Mall and it was great to be in such fine company for the day.
As you can see from the images above there were some fantastic photo opportunities;  When do you get the chance to photograph the Household Cavalry with your car?
It was a long day but we were pleased for the opportunity to be part of this.  Thank you to Top Gear and the BBC for celebrating our Great British car industry.

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Darrian proves it's potential against top BRC teams in the Isle of Man   28-09-2016
Darrian T90 GTR +
Ashley Field brought his new Darrian T90 GTR+ to the Isle of Man with high hopes, after competing on a smaller event on the island and leading overall against World Rally Cars before retiring.  This time the island was also cruel to him and co-driver Janice Moore.  Moore suffered from a bout of Vertigo on the Friday, the toughest day of the action on the three-day event, but still steered her driver to impressive times.  With the British Rally Championship featuring some of the best drivers in world rallying, Field’s top five stage times were a credit to the crew.

Ashley Field said: “What a fantastic event and atmosphere.  It was great to be involved with the final round of the BRC.  I’m disappointed not to finish but really encouraged by the stage times in the new car without even having to push.  It was a novelty to be able to go over Druidale and not be bounced off the road.  The new car was fantastic with a lot more to come from the car and crew.

Darrians to compete in Belgium again  08-02-17
Walloon Motorsport Association ASAF recently held its annual meeting to prepare the 2017 season. One of the updates on their regs are about UK cars, since Salamandre and Chevrotines joined both FIRC and Classic Rally Challenge, also Tournai is part of CRC. ASAF decided to make things very easy: all cars with valid MoT, road insurance and an MSA passport are eligible to start in their events.
This means that all Darrians will be eligible to compete on selected events in Belgium.  Technical details can be checked at

Below is the NEW FOR 2017 'Darrian Calendar':

22/23 April: Rallye Salamandre

5/6 August: Les Boucles Chevrotines

7/8 October: Rallye de Tournai

For these three events there will also be a Darrian cup  with a points system equal to FIRC, best two results count and there is of course a free start to win and some prize money.

This is great news as there are a lot of great closed road stages over there that have been inaccessible to Darrian drivers, until now.

Hopefully we we see a lot of Darrians out on the Belgian roads this year!

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Fifty Years of Davrian celebration at Rally Day 2017

In 2017 Davrian turns fifty years old and to mark the occaision we will be having a celebration of Davrian and Darrian at the RallyDay in Castle Combe this September.
Our aim is to get as many different Davrian and Darrian models there on the day to showcase the development over the last fifty years and to create an impressive display on and off the track

A stand for 20 cars has been booked and as well as having the car on display you can also book track time to put on a bit of a show for the spectators.

Although there are only a 20 places available (10 Davrian and 10 Darrian) on the display stand you can still bring your car along for track time as the more cars we can have out on track the better.

Anyone wishing to attend with their car to display or just to use track time should get in touch.


We hope to see you there in September, it should be a great day for Davrian and Darrian owners and fans.

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