Darrian pre-owned parts for sale
We have an extensive range of quality used parts and spares available for all models so if you don't see what you need here then contact Tim Duffee - tim@darrian.co.uk

Do you have Darrian parts or spares surplus to your requirements?  This is the place to advertise them.  If you have any parts, spares, bodywork or anything Darrian related to sell please send the information and your prefered contact details to rhodri@darrian.co.uk

Darrian T90 GTR Exhaust System
GTR Harvey manifold to suit Millington S2 & re-packable box high temperature ceramic coated inside and out

Good useable condition

Offers ?


Darrian parts for Sale
Drive shafts to fit T9 with Mk 9 hewland box, rebuilt £250 pair

New imp king pin kit

Vauxhall XE Coscast head

XE crank, rods, cam cover, front cover, flywheel, alt and bracket

Hewland LD 200 gear ratios, dog rings etc 
£55 each gear set

Imp rack spares

Please tel   07785 308115 for details 

Darrian Duratec exhaust headers
Duratec exhaust headers for Darrian. Almost new. Made by Harvey Robinson and ceramic coated.


Contact Richard


Millington 2.5 Series 2
Fresh Millington 2.5 litre series 2 plus

With all ancillaries included, wiring loom, DTA ecu and DTA Xdash

Zircoated exhaust manifold


Bellhousing to suit Millington to Hewland TMT Darrian Instalation.


Mark Smith


Various Darrian parts for sale.
1 Darrian driveshaft
Used as a spare with little use.
No twisting to the splines as shown.
Dimensions -  435 mm Circlip to Circlip
                       335 mm Shoulder to Shoulder
                       445 mm End to End

1 Pair of Granada rear bearing housings.
1 Pair of Sierra front  hubs and housings.

Contact Grant Roberts
Or call 07875712045

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